Anubis G4.5: What's New? Improved Performance and New UX

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Anubis G4.5: What's New? Improved Performance and New UX
by Admin User - Friday, 22 July 2016, 3:55 PM

More powerful and secure than previous versions.

§ Higher performance and compliant with highest security standards. ISO 27001 Certified. 
§ It allows to perform tasks in up to 4 simultaneous sessions (*).
§ Load Balancers allow to exchange and process more than a million EDI messages per day
§ Scales to support up to 3.000 concurrent users.

More attractive graphical interface based on a modern design.

§ New improved usability for a higher performance and efficiency.
§More intuitive due to the improvement of the menu distribution.
§A new help system for the user indicates the mandatory fields on each window

    and prevents/reduces uncomfortable error messages.

New powerful mathematical optimizer

§Calculates the optimal container allocation for Intermodal trains (“ container booking optimization”) to maximize load and/or profitability.
§Calculates optimal allocation of train assets and resources.
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New more efficient Rail Logistics Business Processes

§Advanced track & trace of wagons, containers and goods. ISR Raildata, GPS positioning and a powerful integration & communication platform to link with customers and partners.
§Integrated with TAF-TSI Common Interface and European RSRD2 compliant.
§Anubis G4.5 Mobile integrates new advanced apps for Processes Digitalization:
§Intermodal Terminal Management (ITMS)
§Compound Management System (CMS)
§Warehouse Management System (WMS)
§Asset Maintenance Workshop Management (AMS)
§Onboard Truck Communication & Fleet Management (FMS)
§Designed to Run on Android and iOS